Human Experience

Talking CX – CX Talks 2017 Atlanta

By: Rob Sherrell Several of my talented colleagues from North Highland and Sparks Grove (our killer experience design division) and I were fortunate enough to attend CX Talks in Atlanta Monday. Billed as “the largest customer experience summit ever”, there were over 400 attendees, 24 speakers and 18 associations represented (including CXPA, BMA, AIMA, and numerous others) all covering a wide variety of CX disciplines. Great sponsors from Strativity to Macquarium to Sitecore rounded out the mix. The morning talks…

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Design Thinking

To Serve People Better: A Look into the First National Service Design Conference

By Carol Massa and Anja Huebler The first Service Design Network (SDN) National Conference took place on August 10th and 11th in Chicago. We experienced two inspiring days filled with stories and lessons learned from the experts who are leading the way organizations practice service design across the country. Service design in the US is rapidly becoming an internal capacity and that brings with it the responsibility and opportunity to curate and leverage this expertise. First, here’s a quick refresher…

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Artificial Intelligence is Scarier than the Dark: Here’s Why

By Joni Roylance and Brian Clements One of the smartest minds in technology, Elon Musk, is terrified of robots. This is the guy who’s referred to as the “modern day Iron Man,” and he is worried about robots walking the streets and shooting down humans. His sentiments sound an alarm on the rise of technology, the very industry from which he has built his empire. In fairness, we should clarify that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are not one in the…

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Foresight & Futures

Three Basic Skills to Think Like a Futurist

The International Child Art Foundation, is an non-profit organization that supports creative expression of children around the world. Recently, the foundation issued a special edition of its Child Art magazine which focused on futures. Futurists from around the world shared their perspectives about long-term thinking for children. Our futurist, designer and scholar-in-training Sandjar Kozubaev was also invited to contribute to this special issue. Sandjar’s piece is called 3 Basic Skills to Think Like a Futurist in which he teaches simple…

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Design Thinking Technology

Why HR is Going to Be at the Centre of Corporate Disruption in 2017

Big corporations are entering a new era in workforce management; employee expectations are on the rise and as a result, companies are placing more importance on providing for and interacting with employees, in a more personal way. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the HR software industry is a $14 billion colossus, with firms implementing new ways to make the our working day as enjoyable and productive as possible. Figure 1: Deals and Dollar Investment Sizes (CB Insights, 2016)…

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