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A Glimpse Into Your Future Customers: Centennials

Centennials are quickly becoming a powerhouse demographic that organizations need to pay close attention to. Born during 1995-2008, Centennials represent 26% of the U.S. population, command $44 billion in annual spending power, and have never lived in a world without social media or the internet.

What if you could speak to a group of them and ask the most pressing questions that could determine the future of your organization? North Highland and Sparks Grove teamed up to help our clients tap into their future customers by hosting the Centennials event. We gathered a diverse group of Centennials to serve as panelists and invited our clients to learn more about their future stakeholders that will impact their organizations.

First hosted in Seattle and Denver, the Centennials event is quickly becoming a road show for the firm. For this recent even hosted in Atlanta, we asked local Centennials to join our panel to discuss the topics our clients were most eager to hear about – ranging from technology and privacy to their shopping habits and career aspirations.

To learn more about the Centennials event, check out the recap video here:

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