Foresight & Futures Marketing Strategies

Story Making: Essential to Designing & Delivering Human Experiences

  • Stories are emotional adhesive that forever bond us and become our personal keepsakes.
  • Brands that effectively engage with their customers on an emotional level create the most positive sentiment that drives loyalty and inspires advocacy.
  • Storyboarding and story mapping enables cognitive design.
  • When a brand reframes products and services as media story worlds, the customer’s experience of them can become truly ubiquitous in culture.
  • Consumers are a brand’s ultimate storyteller. In this age of multi-channel customer dialogs and experiences, social media and other listening tools are critical for companies to understand the resonance of their brand and the consumer dialogs occurring outside of their control.
  • Brands must make the shift from mass storyteller to collaborative story maker and active participant and contributor to the lives of their customers and society.

Stories have existed for all of human history. They are how we communicate, learn, gain knowledge, make sense of the world, find meaning and pass down tradition. In fact, scientific studies have proven that stories raise certain hormones that not only focus our attention but also increase our care, connection and feelings of empathy leading to increased generosity, donations, etc. Stories create behavior change and emotional response by literally altering our brain chemistry. Ultimately, stories are emotional adhesive that forever bond us and become our personal keepsakes.

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