Human Experience

The Human Experience Imperative

The evolution from customer experience to human experience challenges businesses to be something more. Do you remember when customer-focused organizations were a novelty? Do you remember when brands were able to operate without regard to customer feedback or social media commentary? Do you remember a time before Steve Jobs, Tony Hsieh or Jeff Bezos set the benchmark for CEOs’ complete and total obsession with customer experience?

We don’t either.

Customer Experience (CX) once served as a source of unique competitive advantage. Now it is quickly becoming a cost of entry. Organizations are challenged to deliver compelling CX in the face of heightened and more meaningful customer expectations and a constantly evolving marketplace. The next business imperative is clear. Businesses must now consider, craft and deliver a Human Experience (HX).

In this perspective we identify the attributes of a Human Experience – purpose, consciousness, adaptability and cognition – and bring them to life with the stories of trailblazing companies that are beginning to optimize for HX today. We also outline the five HX principles that can be adopted immediately, serving as the foundation for HX transformation. Harness your humanity, tap into your potential, and position yourself to thrive in an HX-driven economy.

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