Human Experience Marketing Strategies

The New Agency of Record: The CX AOR

By Mike Lang
15 min read time

  • The AOR should be considered alive and well: Today’s market-mandated focus on CX and its complex interactions call for unifying guidance that the best advertising AOR relationships once delivered—in the form of a CX AOR.
  • An AOR serves as a vital “spiritual advisor” across all CX efforts: A CX AOR can quickly learn your DNA, push your thinking, awaken and align your teams with a refreshing objectivity and see connecting threads across multiple CX projects and touchpoint.
  • Every symphony needs a conductor: A patchwork of agencies can help you make small forward movements, but their perspective will naturally be limited along with their ability to make meaningful change.
  • Choose a lead agency partner who brings big ideas and can execute quickly: The most effective long-term CX agency partner can not only make dazzling recommendations— they prioritize and mobilize quickly—which means more results, faster, and a coordinated effort and impact that extends across your entire team of partners.

On the marketing battleground of buyer preference, your next best advisor may be an expert customer experience team. Today’s complex landscape of interactions calls for the expertise and unifying guidance that the best Agency of Record relationships once delivered—with a different orientation and skillset. We’re not seeing the death of the AOR. Rather, we’re seeing the growing importance of a new kind of partner focused on defining the brand through a full range of brand interactions. A CX agency able to envision, craft, sustain and innovate the collective customer experience.

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