Human Experience

To Be Human, Our HX Manifesto

By Leigh Cook and Carol Massa

Doing business today is not the same as it was 10 years ago and it will keep changing forever. However, there is one thing that keeps us going – the connection we build with someone or something that aligns us to a shared purpose and enables us to live meaningful experiences.

This is what we call a human experience.

These experiences are personally crafted for you that often feel surprising, foster relationships and lead to personal or collective well-being. These are experiences designed from an intent of deep care and service and solve felt problems usually in simple, uncomplicated ways.

These experiences can manifest through many different mediums but they really shine through in the human to human ones.

Here at Sparks Grove, our human experience (HX) approach goes beyond human-centered design, by identifying people’s values, needs and feelings to design for meaning. This is not an easy thing to do –to deep dive into someone else’s shoes and design for the ultimate particular (a particular challenge, particular problem and particular situation) is to constantly question and build experiences that resonate with their mind, heart and soul.

HX-mindfulness helps these organizations transcend core product and service transactions and build more meaningful relationships with publics at large that address what matters to those groups in particular moments and contexts.

As design thinkers, it is our responsibility to design for desirable, feasible and viable solutions and we have seen that this directly impacts business revenue. According to Conscious Capitalism and Firms of Endearment, “businesses built on love and care with deep passion for their employees and customers that humanize the experiences for them, outperformed the S&P 500 by a factor of 10.5 over a 15-year period.”

Human experience is our creed. It is at our core and we believe that it is the evolution of customer experience.

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